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Untapped UPA By Untapped Brewing Company | Craft Beer Review

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"Big Beer" shows interest in Cigar City Brewing

Despite interest from Anheuser-Busch in its wide variety of craft beer offerings, Cigar City Brewing's founder says the company will stay locally owned and operated. ◂ The ABC Action...

Brew Your Own Beer!

Learn to brew your own beer thanks to the app 'iBrewMaster' as Michael Bancroft heads to 'The 3 Brewers' microbrewery.

Why Beer-Drinkers Won’t Go for This App That Gives Free Beer | Fortune

To Anheuser-Busch customers.

OSU helps Oregon's breweries get ahead of the (six) pack

Oregon State University partners with breweries like Bridgeport Brewing, Widmer Brothers Brewing and Deschutes Brewery to help them develop products. Graduates of the university's fermentation...

Brew with a view: behind Innis & Gunn's virtual reality campaign

Shaking up the way craft beer is marketed, independent Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn have released two VR experiences designed to transport customers to landscapes inspired by the flavour profiles...

Beer and Boozeshit, Unboxing from SaudiLindsey4 and Channel Update!

In which the Gentleman Gamer prattles on about all kinds of random stuff for an epic amount of time. For one thing he reveals the massive haul received from Lindsey here on YouTube at

"Untappd" Greg Avola - Talks at Google

Untappd is an Android/iOS application that allows you to check in to the beer you are drinking, see what your friends are drinking, and get recommendations on what beer to drink next. And, badges!

Meet Paris's Untappd Moderator - tasting nitch

Isabelle has a badge addiction, she loves kittens and Vogue magazines and she is a massive FRENCH BEER GEEK! Join us for a few beers and an Untappd talk ♡ Connect with me here! ♡ + F A...

The KATZ Group -- AUGMENTED REALITY COASTER | Bierdeckel | Beer mat

MARKETING THAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE Would you like to engage people's senses even more powerfully by combining reality with virtual reality? If so, why not try the 'Augmented Reality Coaster'...

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